Your My Morning Song

Written by: james faulkner

Your eyes flame of fascination 
and I feel unworthy to be looked upon
by a goddess.  Then your lips twirl as your voice 
begins to play “Good Morning.” A beloved song, always  composing 
a smile to my mornings and reminding me that I’m truly blessed.  
After the record fades we lay comfortably in its evanescence.
Awaiting nothing, simply lost in the presence of love.  My fingers leisurely 
trace tender curves and turns of God’s greatest works as your warmth welcomes
me closer.  Your hands blindly search for mine and the fissures are filled as our hands 
fasten. Then your voice begins to play, “I Love You” and I repeat trying my best to
stay in tune.  We whisper acapella as our bodies begin to compose a beat through passion.
A tenor soprano duo at its best. You’re my favorite song.