Exhale (at two AM)

Written by: Christie Moses

held suspended in split second bliss
along the razors edge….
so many jagged stone paths traveled
thinking life is only there to squander 
in so many moments spent alone

in a mirage of gentle clutches
                of gossamer wings….
the princess at heart awaits
while reality is colder and much harder
like molten steel on broken lines

would it be alright to exhale 
and let the soft breath linger
on a silver wind and diamonds

sparkling a mist of white petals 
skimming a brimming alabaster surface
and you….alone there waiting

mad collision of body sweat and heat 
(arrested by love and captured by lust)

caressing my body
stripped down to the skin
   bury your hands....
entangle them in my auburn hair
mouth to red and panting mouth
     (greedy crimson cherries)
I would taste you in a starving kiss

you would ravish me to insanity
as in this fairy tale land you tend to do
(did Cinderella exist and better yet…did her prince?)
sending shivers up my spine
just a shimmered exhale on your treasured face

I awaken in the abyss 
(dark tower walls built brick by brick)
I pray to slumber 
for that is where I always find you
and in your essence lies my journey