Written by: brandy megens

her body had betrayed her but never once her mind

she was sad at times although there was nothing depressing about her

she rarely felt sorry for herself mostly preying on others misfortunes

no matter what we think we have when we leave this world we leave it alone

                                             simple and easy

she had no desire to give up her addiction it was all she knew 

from being her breakfast to her midnight snack it was her routine

it made her feel young again yet it depressed her to think about it

she had made her choices and mistakes in life

she had a right to make her own decisions but she couldn't own up to them

there was a sense of victory in it for her 

whoever thought she'd make it this far

she felt vulnerable admitting this to hersef she was deeply sensitive

yet she always stuck to her narcissistic guns

she longed for that companmanship but liked to maintain seperate lives

living her life in the fast lane was going to be her demise

she filled the needle with a bag of dope and injected herself one last time

air got in her veins and mixed with bad junk killed her instantly 

no more worries no more fears this is the life she chose

the only life she knows