Written by: brandy megens

in the heat of the night she swings from a pole

spread like an eagle so strong and bold

men from all ages flock to her nest

dollar bills pouring out from their chest

she struts and she grinds and she flips all around

humping the stage and making love to their minds

the music is playing and her body is shaking

erections are at attention and ready to explode

she'll put you in a trance with the glow of her eyes

having you go broke without realizing it

her vagina vibrates the entire stage

causing everyone to feel her presence

like a circus act she soars into the night

performing tricks that make their pants tight

dollars become tens that turn into twentys

that lead them to the back room

two pumps and a squirt and he's out the door

already going to sit back down for more

its a lucrative business that will never fold

sex sells to the young and old

nice to meet ya!!!