almost hating you, if i had the energy

Written by: janetta harrington

tonite i told you that forever
is gone
that i don't want
you no more.....

how i think it is manical
that you cannot see,
or say that anyway,
where you have
done me wrong

you only can tell
me over the phone,
that you don't want
me any more; you
said it first

like i did something bad
by wanting a real home

why not said i, what is
bad about that? 
you said why not let us
go just like we are ?
what is wrong about

i am so done with you
you have dragged me
thru the dirt long enough
with you chilling lies

now i have to go thru
a life threating operation
in a week and i thought
you would be waiting
for me.  

i am so sorry i have 
wasted 20 years of
my life on you.....
if i could hate

i almost could hate