Written by: brandy megens

too many late nights out with who knows who

coming home and masturbating to a porno instead of making love

slapping and pushing me around after coming home drunk

telling me you were out with friends smelling like purfume

lipstick stains around the whole on your boxer shorts

finding your wedding ring in the ashtray of the car 

late night and early morning phone calls that you reject

calling out sick to work to sneak off with eyvette

finding the bed sheets on the floor with wet spots on them

blond pubic hairs on the toliet seat when yours are black

not taking me out in public in the daylight hours

screaming her name at me when we fought ooops you forgot

stealing money from our account to go and get high

then turn around and tell me its all a friggen lie

not going to my mothers funeral or my grandfathers too

abandoning me when i went to prison leaving me all alone

sleeping with my little sister and blaming it on the alcohol

leaving in one outfit returning two days later in something new

changing your cell phone number and not giving it to me

locking me out the house and calling the police

                      you creep

these are the many things i forgive you for

i love you so much i need this to say goodbye

love and forgiveness comes hand and hand

loving and knowing when to walk away is hell

..............................for the jim fish love and forgiveness contest...............................