Written by: brandy megens

seeing you again reminds me of where i don't wanna be

watching you move listening to how you talk smelling your cologne

all take me back to times that were no good

drinking and drugging and meaningless sex

fighting and shoving until one of us gets hurt

all the anger and mistrust and lonely nights

replay in my head over and over again

we know its over but can't say goodbye

yet as you drove away i began to cry inside

not to the obvious eye thus inside i felt like i was gonnna die

today i woke up with you on my mind again

not as lovers not as friends just as a memory that used to be

romantic nights consisted of a twelve pack some audioslave

smoking cigerette stubbies and counting change

watching pornos helped us both get in the mood

pretending that person on t.v was eachother

to the outside we had it made perfect couple so they said

a real bonnie and clyde relationship we had you and me aganist the world

only when the lights went down so didn't our love

marrinating in hard core drugs and lies and infidelity

a secret we both kept from everyone that was eventually revealed

yet that magnetic attraction will always be there lets just keep it real

i compare the rest to you knowing i gotta break through

our love our life was dangerous and thats no hidden fact

we pushed and pushed eachothers nerve until one would react

those days are gone but your name lives on 

i must be strong and carry on

to:what used to be