My my my

Written by: Nicole El Marj

I stood tall
I stood strong
Now I'm falling back,
Back into that black hole
I told myself - never again
How difficult it is to suppress the negative
How easy it is to stream back into the conscious
I had a beautiful dream
Now I'm opening my eyes to what is called "reality"
The cruel, unkind, pathetic nature 
And sequence of events in this life disgust me
I am filled not with hatred but sadness
No not sadness, dismay
No not dismay, confusion
In my thoughts
I am drowning
There, there Nicole, everything is going to be alright
Replace that frown with a smile Nicole
I forgot - clearly not
If only I could
Rewind time to that very day I lost
My pride, my dignity, my innocence,
My sanity, my integriy, my my my...No - never!