Written by: luci morosanu

As dawn breaks yet again
Red hues of victory days gone forever 
Now turn gray by the grimly grief 
Drip by drip, we lose everything we lack 
Every brilliant spark burns the filthy flesh 
The song that is so passionately redundant
Has now become the anthem to the gray race    
Words escape the silence
create swords of absurd obsession for the mindless voices 
The bitter moon engulfs the sorrowful screams for help
As the smoke clears away
The anxiety and regrets are still alive and well
The endeavors are futile as entropy refuses to cease 
Nothing more than obsequious crisis 
Mediocre achievements in an intellectual deprived domain
Waiting and waiting for the extraordinary to happen
Everyone is right until proven wrong
But nobody is there to question the incongruity 
Nobody is there to plea redemption