Written by: Stefania Carmen Misaila

Let’s stay,
Like this day never happened at all.
Let’s walk,
Sharing hands,
Through the sunshine.
Let’s stare into the sun,
Let’s make love in the grass,
Pretending that the thought of leaving
Never crossed your mind.

Let’s stay in this sunlight
For one more breath
And for the sake of it,
I’m going to banish the air
So you would settle…
Inside my glare.

Sunshine you are,
Lighting up my spirit,
Lost in these throngs 
Of heat
That never seem too much.

Let’s stay,
In my silence, hiding away the truth.
If we put too much light on it
We’ll see through all the cracks.
I’ll be your little Miss Sunshine
And you’ll be my warmth,
Like summer’s
Wrapping in the green grass,
Again, all that sunshine. 

© 2009 Stefania Carmen Misaila