The Flat People

Written by: Sandra Hudson

A gathering of relatives in the living room
Chairs grouped in checker patterns and half moons
Suddenly it becomes dark, and my Uncle Bill sits down
Everyone is facing the same way, it’s quiet
Mommy pulls down a wall of white and sits.
Now I am on my Uncle Bills lap.
A whirling sound begins with tiny clicks. 
Then there are people on the white thing,
Some are looking at me, they gather, then start dancing,
They all stand and look at me,
Then they run into another room, 
Now I am chasing them, but I’m not moving.
I see my mommy.
“Look” my Uncle Bill exclaims, “there is your Mommy”
“Mommy come here, don’t run away”.
“I know these people”
“That is you, and she is you, They are here, but where are they”?
“Where am I”?
“There is sissy. And there is sissy”.
“There is you and Grandpa Airbow”, (couldn’t say Arronanbow).
“Where am I”?
“Look that is my Mommy”. 
“Mommy is waving at me from the wall”.
“Hey Mommy”, I wave back
“Someone taps my shoulder and said Boo!”
Suddenly everyone looks at me and laughs
It was my Mommy
She scared me
As the teh, teh, teh, teh, brings a slap of light