Written by: brandy megens

linda puts on her lipstick and brushes her blond hair

pulls up her garterbelt and g-string underwear

a black mini skirt and a shirt with no bra

he buys her condoms and sends her off onto the night

to the streets of new york  linda finds her way to the track

smiling and waiving to the tricks as they wave back

horns blow people scream  police riding around

pimps on the prowl in search of their next ho

slow money causes problems so linda gets desperate

tells the trick she'll cut him a deal for a date

little linda so young and nieve has no idea whhat this trick has in mind

he pulls out a gun and points it in her ribs

tells her not to scream and do what hs says

he drives for an hour and leaves linda to wonder

finally pulling into an empty parking lot

linda knows whats next so she takes off all her clothes

hoping if she abides he'll let her go

he rapes her over and over leaving nothing to spare

stripping away what little dignity linda has left

leaving her in a pool of swet and busted nuts

he tells her to get dressed and to never say a word

with that it was all she heard

he takes her back to the place it all began

linda jumped out the van and ran as fast as she could

her pimp finally finds her all soiled and a mess

without hesitation he strikes her to the ground

the beating continued in front of everyone

what a way to end her night raped and beaten down

linda crawls away to the comfort of her hotel room

hoping and praying that the night was over for good

she jumped in the shower and cleaned her wounds

scrubbing away the blood and semen that painted her little body

linda lies down to rest and tries to forget what occured

this is the only life she knows and with it comes good and bad

                tomorrows another day