Written by: brandy megens

can you say you know who i really am

i wear my colors oh so bright even in the middle of the night

i don't dance a certain way or dress real fabulous

i'm not into manicures or facials or even pedicures

i don't walk with a switch or bend my wrist like this...

i don't talk with certain slang or hang out in a "gang"

i don't speak very loud or announce that i'm proud

i never asked to be this way nor am i blaming anyone

i won't hide in the closet since i already came out

i refuse to not speak up when i'm in a crowd

i can have a child or raise a family

i work as hard as you do and pay taxes too

i am smart and very wise with two eyes that see it all

i breathe and bleed the same as you and i pray to God too

you say i'm wierd and call me a freak

one thing you must remember is i'm real and thats unique

i tell you how it is you deny it ever was

they call me a dkye or lesbian some say i'm just gay

i tell you i am human just like you i just live another way