Written by: brandy megens

they smuggle drugs they smuggle clothes they smuggle humans

in the darkness of the night they load them onto a ship and tuck them away

under motors in stalls one on top of the other packed like sardines

feces covering bodies like blankets some even die along the way

no air no food no explanation just silence and noise from the engine

guards and guns and beatings men with knives and chains

childen as young as two and three bought and sold for slaves

a dirty reality of sex lies and betrayel women and young ladies tortured

traded for profit or fun or simply just because its the way it is

passed from man to man to even young boys over and over again

bloodied and bruised and ridiculed used in swet shops

made to work all day and night not even paid or given food

work till they die or their ankles break they breathe just to know their alive

this is the way of our world the world we all live in

prostitution of young children sold to rich men has become a modern day thing

slavery has abolished long time ago but its more common now then many do know

people dying in the ocean hundreds at a time trying to escape a life of crime

we see this on the news and turn our noses up

its not something we ackowledge because its not us

just imagine your litltle child being forced to have sex or sold for a cow

then look at the t.v and ask yourself "how"