Written by: brandy megens

past present and now the future all are made of her

the reasons she is her is because you let her

deep in the realm of the unknown hold the truths of yesturday

parrables and scriptures of what used to be

she lays at night and recalls all the stages of her life

in the pictures she kept she sees many different things

from a lonely little girl a bit overweight

to a teenager with no friends who was molested

to a young lady who was having many sexual encounters

now a grown woman with more problems than enough

living life as it comes only getting whats passed down

no respect from her family or the men she keeps around

the nightmares from of her abuse still haunt her everyday

the beatings she took and the scares they left will never go away

so cold is her heart for it stopped beating long ago

desperate is her soul that longs to grow old

she cannot bare children and her body is worn out

she grasps on to what little faith she keeps tucked away

in the corner of her mind she realizes that her life is jaded

just wanting to be loved and held is asking for way too much

she uses drugs and drinks her time away only living for today

ther tears she used to cry have dried up and stopped flowing

body sores and rashes and needle marks cover her frail body

leaving her to want to die but not having the courage to try

with no hope in sight and  no one to care silence is spoken 

in the midnight air