He had a dream

Written by: rebecca howard

He had a dream 
He stood his ground
He spoke his words 
All nice and loud
He changed the world
With his strong words
He taught us all how to care 
He took his love and taught to share
His anger withheld 
All hardships and scars
Through bombs of hate 
And words past the stars
His heart still beats
His blood still flows
Through the earth it screams 
It over flows
He is our conscience 
Our reminder of hate 
He showed us the way 
Though some still stayed 
We have to finish 
What was started before
We’re closely there 
But something’s blocking the door 
The hate from past years
Is still standing strong
We must let go of that 
Which we know is wrong
To learn from our mistakes 
We need to learn what was taught
Everyone no matter what color 
Needs to treat each other like brothers
We’ve all seen the past 
So lets look to the future 
You can help
Just learn justice from this preacher