Muted Blue

Written by: Steve Voorhees

I'll hold this place for her loving faintly-
fragile, and tepid outer layer veils so thinly
a gorgeous core shining bright and quietly
  Her eyes say more
    than lips betraying her thoughts
 as they swirl to intriguing depth.
 I dive, plunge deeply-secretly
   wading in thought's waters
     loving the expanded borders
        hidden beyond your rippled surface.
As birds singing, primp their rehearsed tune,
your diamond shines reluctant
from realities igneous tomb

I wan't to know the words she's trapped in blue
fluttering chests locked tightly when nervous
posture tells of something more.
Hushed often before, and muted now conditioned
to repress your's hard to breathe
as you selfconsciously hold your breath

Move those lips to mine
  and whisper each trapped caption
    your mind froze but never lost,
open the soul to feeling once more
like blood reddening air exposure
freeing the absence of feeling
...replaced with this tuned in euphoria
     blaring melodies warm and familiar to our ears

  *Inspired by Nathan's "Diamond in the Rough" contest