Written by: brandy megens

i awake to the sound of my broken heartbeat

the feeling of a struggling survivor tring to maintain

my grip on reality is slowly easing up

times are getting harder to cope with the fact that you are gone

no one understands the pressure mounting inside my once occupied being

you left me here to linger in your problems 

my emotions are blocked by internal suffocation

rejection from any one who tries to make me understand

i live for the moment because the futures too far away

they stole your life from you and gave themselves a name

my friend my amigo my brethren you are all i know

you came into this world blazing guns and left it riddled by bullets

somewhere in the HEAVENS you rest up above

here on earth i dont sleep reminiscing on what was

you showed me how it was to be a real cat

holding on to your beliefs and raising your family

peole say you lived on the edge 

i say they never lived at all

to come back home on that day and find out they took you away

in such a midevil fashion was too much

i still choke up when i think of you 

its crazy because time will never erase the past 

it only makes things worse

well if all i can do to communicate with you

is write a poem and remembering you

then for this moment we are together

living loving and resting forever