When god took you home; We were left all a lone. When god took you home our hearts 
turned to stone. You had a Faith that we praised and you were a gift that god gave. We were 
blessed to have a mother like no other. You inspired us to live religiously. You inspired us to 
love unconditionally. We will put all that we can in god’s hand. For he is the man that we will 
see in the promise land. Not a day goes bye that there aren’t tears in our eyes. Not a day 
goes bye that we wish you were still alive. We are blessed each day as we try to live god’s 
way. You are under god’s watchful eye. Where you will always be alive. We are lost in sorrow 
but we know there is a tomorrow. Thank you for the tears and laughter; we will be friends 
forever after.  We will always love you, as god will always hold you.