Written by: brandy megens

look in the mirror you prostitute

see what i see

you sleep with men for many reasons but none for love

you think it compensates for the pain

go ahead and spread your legs die more everyday

you mine as well be a hooker standing on the corner

you pass the time with strangers on your back 

saying its only sex what's the matter

go ahead and sniff another line it's only killing your brain

who cares if you burn a whole in your nose or get a blood clot

it makes you feel good till you have no more

here's a shot of hennessey never mind take the bottle

you are a big girl now you graduated to blacking out

the men you sleep with love it when your passed out 

you look so cheap and rugged when your drunk

here roll this bag of weed it'll blow your mind away

then jump in the car and drive until you pass out

you are a sad case of the human race when you live like you do

no educatuion no great job you live from check to check

it's time to get your life together and stop living wrong

go ahead and steal from that store again

prison has many cells waiting just for you

your friends and family have written you off

because your living wrong 

i am just here to point this out to you 

to hold your hand and keep you strong

i am you you are me we are a team we are unity

i am your best friend your only friend your worst enemy

like i said before look in the mirror and you will see me

you can do this for us

(for the "what you need to hear "poem)