Rape or not Rape

Written by: Nathan Leccese

He asked his wife for sex one night,
   hoping for pleasure and delight.

She claimed she wasn’t in the mood,
   to strip down to her beautiful nude.

Persistent and not giving up,
   begging like a very young pup.

This went on for about an hour,
   up until the mood went sour.

Finally saying enough is enough,
   she said I’m hurting so nothing rough.

To the bedroom they went with her in tow,
   in her heart not wanting to go.

So on top he climbed and begin to mount,
   her lips sealed quiet as a mouse.

The pain hit like a ton of bricks,
   as her husband continued his fix.

She asked him to stop because it hurt,
   should have raised a large red alert.

Stop he did not continuing to go,
   until she cried and begged him to slow.

Pushing him off in utter pain,
   and all he did was complain.

It was her fault for the pain that she had,
   he exclaimed as he began to get mad.

So my dear readers the question I ask,
   rape or not rape wrapped in a mask.

This is pure rape mixed in the plot,
   she doesn’t think so believe it or not.

Nathan Bane Leccese
©All Rights Reserved 05/28/2009

*Sorry I was not in the best of moods this day when I wrote this.