Dear You

Written by: Steve Voorhees

Dear You,

Listen for God's sake!!   
The world sends vibrations so frequently
you've memorized the frequency
and hear it a mile away drawing closer
...but when closer becomes here
eyes widen like deer uncertain of their doom

Man, must you fall in every pothole in your road?
A freelance daredevil rocking a unicycle, riding
haphazardly, aware of these obstacles while
brandishing a masochistic blindfold.
The wise side remains less bold,
self-scolding after the fact...
recounting every time you
shot an arrow in the sky,
then fell victim to your quiver

I know you lie awake at night
terrified of all your unsorted feelings
alone, they become real things...not clothes we wear for show
, and Steve, you're not alone...someone understands you...
she stares at her ceiling too wanting to filter truth 
seeing herself as rootless, wandering and fitting in no one's mold
as tears spill over her cheeks,  yours are damp from nights reflecting
Don't fear she doesn't exist...fear that you can't see with your head down...

Know that you must let go of your father. 
His weight has drowned you far too long
and we must move on and tread the water.
...I know the day you met was the the beginning desent
   and every day since has been quasi-apathetic
    ...but you know no father, only George
        and up to that day, the world was yours
Take it back Steve,  this world you allowed to slip past
as you realized no sense of entitlement, fight for it
and give it to your son...and no one can take it 
once you've given it away.