What do I look Like?

Written by: Sandra Hudson

What do I look like?

I am being honest, no seriously I am

When I smile my ears go down.
I have a sparkle in my eyes that proves I don’t wear contacts
My dimples each hold perfectly one half of a frozen pea
I do not have crow’s feet, although…..
A nose by any other name would describe mine
I am five foot, 6 no five, wait, no four, no six ( I like to play)
I don’t own a set of scales that work properly (no woman does)
Barbie’s clothes would not fit me, I think her size is in centimeters. 
I do not like strong smelling aromas, They cause wrinkles.
I have a complexion close to when I was a baby, 
it was wrinkled then too!
The most attractive part of me would be my husband.
(Everybody together say..AH!)
I am French, Cherokee, and Scotch-Irish.
Guess that makes me a Sexy Native American Foreigner with Skills
I love to laugh; you can actually see me giggle, (no not like Santa)
My hair complements my scalp.
My Great Grandfather once told me: 
If they can’t use your comb: don’t bring them home,
I didn’t listen. My husband is bald!
I always wanted to be tall, and smart. 
God smiled and made me witty and itty-bitty.

Love to you all!