Too Much Time

Written by: Karen Abbott

Why did I do this hurtful thing? My thread began so straight and strong.
Who could have switched my spool so new, to one with knots and frayed stretched ends?
When did the fabric of silky sheets, transform to cut so long and deep? 

Could I have dreamed the bliss I found? Unconscious to rugged roads beyond.  
So far from happiness the course time strolls, now lost in a maze as hurdles unfold.  
Am I alone to chart this course, while ghost like shadows elude my touch?  

Before I lose all faith and trust, I breathe, relax, and slow my stride. 
Then suddenly the spirit guide demands the chance to find sweet love divine. 
It’s then I find the link entwined and where the thread of love unwinds.  

To time I hail for lessons learned; too much of it is left unknown. 
Change gives us time to learn the rules and break them when we must move on.