Many Voices

Written by: Jim Wilson

After the sunrise
(At first the morning was clear)
The clouds drifted in

The last lilacs on the fence
Drop their petals to the ground

The signal changes;
Litter dances down the street
With a passing truck

Fanning herself as she walks
Between stores and restaurants

The orange tree blossoms;
Where there was an orange orchard
Now, rows of houses

Though they have lowered the price
There still aren't any takers

At the used bookstore
Stacks and stacks of remainders
Overlooked, unread

He downloads crucial data
For his graduate thesis

As the full moon shines
Gliding past the left shoulder,
Past the window frame

To her surprise she liked him
And hopes to see him again

Above bare branches
The third storey apartment
Glows with warmth and light

The sound of many voices
Sharing stories, sharing songs