Written by: Sayeeka Farnaz

Love me, love me
With a heart so tender and  passion so fierce,
That reality is kept at bay
With its sorrow, dismay and tears.

Let not the world, livid with rage and mad with grief
Bury me under its load of sins and shame
Engulf me with the eternal summer of your arms, away from the world,
So my soul it can never maim.

Love me, love me
With a smile so gentle and eyes so full of strength  and will,
That all the cobwebs of haunting doubts and  frenzied fear
From my mind, do dissapear.

A warm summer night, a single red rose, a fleeting smile,
Is all that I yearn, with my battered heart
Someone to hold me, and hold me tight,
So that the dwindling flame of hope in my eyes, stays alight,
And the suppressed hopes in my heart, soar as they rise in majestic flight.