What It Means

Written by: Matthew Pawlak

What it means
is to care. 
About not you, 
Not me 
But a Bigger "WE"
And to see 
All there is to see.
To share
What you are 
And who you are. 
And when you 
Will be there 
To show you care

What it means
Is to hold.
Onto everything 
And anything 
And all the things 
You can.
to love and to want
So much, 
That your thoughts taunt 
you with the image of her  
That idea is sure 
To be all about 
You and her.
To the point of no return
And like a fire that burns 
So does your love.

So then what does it mean to long. 
For that sweet song, 
For when you say,
What inside lays. 
She repeats 
That unyielding treat. 
Of not yours, 
Not hers, 
But love together

So then it means
For her, 
This day 
I'll always wait.