Crimson Walls

Written by: Janice Smith

I awaken from this peaceful slumber and shake
myself to empty my eyes of the sleep that has resided there.
As my eyelids slowly open they are met with the
most brilliant crimson that I could ever imagine.
A scarlet so pure that I’m sure I have
never before experienced its color,
never seen anything so soothing;
for in its hues I find a warmth and peace
that has never touched this heart of mine.
As I rise to my feet I’m relaxed by the
tranquility that I feel in my heart.
The walls that are before me glisten with that warmth and brilliance.
As I move about I recognize that there are
no doors or windows in my new surroundings.
Nevertheless, I feel no fear of entrapment or threat
for I am secure by the presence that I feel around me;
a reassurance that all is at harmony within my heart and soul.
But I have to ask myself, where am I and what has brought
me to this place of enchantment? While I ponder that question
something speaks to my heart, not in 
audible words as spoken by an orator
but something revealed to me through my spirit
as if whispered from your spirit to mine.
Oh yes, now I understand what is being
conveyed to me through this awareness.
I have awakened within the confines of your heart.
Now there is no way out and I shall be forever grateful,
and what better place to be than here.
Janice Elaine Smith
April 1, 2009