Written by: June Rouhana

Walking through the monsoon
feeling alone
smelling the smoke
that made me a joke

running under the rain
that is freezing my brain
my hands empty
filling my jacket
are missing the ones
that were in my pockets

i loved u and i sacrificed my soul
but u killed me
and u buried me after all

i still love u
i dunno why
but this smell of love is always passing by
it s catching fire in me
and is making me want to kill the enemy
i walked slowly
remembering the memories
when we were sitting here
on the ground
and hearing the laughter
and the sounds

mumbling softly
"I love you",
holding your arms
that seemed so calm
shivering in mine
were touching my feelings
and made me tear a cry.

it meant that everything will be erased
and i will be chased
i tried to fight it
i tried to kill..
but this face stamped in my head
made me chill...
but the envy in my brain
is not gone and never will...

i held my breath
and felt that am dying
i tried 2 hide it
and i am still trying