When I Grow Up Daddy...

Written by: Des Juan Richardson

When I grow up Daddy…

I want to be just like you
Analytical and strong willed
Better than Isiah and Magic combined
The most mystic magician when I’m handling the pill
You remember your slang, don’t you…
“On the court I’m cold, Bam,” and my favorite “you dig.”
I remember it like yesterday; you know –
Doing our own thing every other weekend
You were that holy grail of knowledge
And I was hooked, receiving it again and again
You delivered an answer for every need
Even when my needs were more wants and desires
In an almost ominous passion
You watched my trials and tribulations transpire
When the flames of life burned too hot
You snatched my ass from the fires
I love you for this

When I grow up Daddy…

I want to radiate strength and character
The same way you did when faced with your most
Trying feat
I hope to stand tall and honorable when –
I am judged and sentenced on my responsibility
Will I look my son in the eye and say the tiring cliché
“Don’t do as I do, son be better than me”
Or will I improve upon the man I am, by correcting my
Transgressions and exhibiting
The true character a responsible father should be
I pray for your wisdom and resilience
To recognize my mishaps, correct them and return to better form
Mistakes are keys, in the continued pursuit to perfection
With each generation perfection’s standards
Are altered and thus reborn
The values you taught in the past are my moral foundation
Some were perfect and some were some-what flawed
Presently for those, I am making alterations
Hopefully, I will instill a more responsible and updated
Version of values for our next generation

Daddy I have grown up…we are similar but very different!

{This was written a few years back when}