Tuesday 19th May 2009

Written by: Jo Hayton

5 days later
They finally got you here
A few yards away, a nursery
Opens to find your grandchild smiling at the door

I walk away with kisses from her
And glance at the building ahead
Knowing in a few short hours
I will see you Mum once more

Not knowing what I will see
A delicate arm on my shoulder from dad
Seeps into me with questioning
A worry, a concern this will affect my life

From here on in
What I find in this very room
My Mummy, cold and gone
My dad's precious girlfriend and wife

You have your own private room
A man hands us white tissues
Saying in a funeral parlour
This is the only thing that is free

It almost seems too harrowing
To realise we are paying
To be able to enter a room
So I can see my Mummy

Dad said you looked like a princess
As he then noticed your coffin lid
In light brown wood
Emblazoned with your name

He could only kiss you once
And tell you he would love you forever
To kiss you anymore
Would have been too much pain

I couldn't touch you at first
I was frightened
You looked like you had died in the hospital
Now you looked like you could wake just the same

Your eyes seemed so eager
I swear if you could of opened them
You would of said 'Boo'
And this was all just a game

I held your hand
And realised how much your nails had grown
You always wanted them to be long
And I smiled knowing this was true

The more I held your hand
The more you grew warm
You weren't so cold
This was me giving my life to you

I kissed your forehead
And touched your hair
Your skin so beautiful
So soft, not a blemish to see

But as always 
In death as in life
You were always the most beautiful woman
In the world to me

For My Mum.... xxx