Written by: Virginia Muller

Traveling across a countryfied road.
Large hollows furbished of  loose
pebbles and twisted roots ascend
from a prominent blue spruce.

Rotting posts, a barbed wired
fence, and pair of Mustangs
racing 'cross a
green pasture toward 
ole' woebegone stable,
as  a rusted John Deere tractor 
pulls away from structure.

Fragmented bottles strewn 
along shoulder of roadway, as
I swerve to avoid broken glass
hidden under the sludge.

As  lake appears, ducks,
scraggly wildflowers, 
clover and yellow milkweeds
bloom with sounds of chortling.
Pods split, 
releasing fluffy seeds
like tiny white clouds 
stray across a field.

A few scenic miles yet to drive
before arriving at an old lumber mill
for kin's annual festivities
Just one more hill -
should arrive 'bout five.
A long eve lies ahead -
not certain I know any of these families.

Thunder begins rolling 'round.
That's not what  weatherman 
said!   Clouds grow tenebrous, 
shadows overlay ground.
Celebration  post-poned!
Awe, a pity,
long drive back to city,
but no one has phoned.

Posing near other cars,
Uncle John is leaving 
with his cigar,
nodding to me, 
as he drives away.
Others begin to follow.
Aunt Milly, her covered dish.
shrugs shoulders, "Not today"

Overhead, barn swallows fly,
finding cover 'neath the eaves,
as rain begins to pour -
a year's reprieve!

Facing the storm with valor -
that rusty tractor in 
the rear-view mirror, 
slowly vanishes.