Written by: Habib Effendi

I live with an ignominy deep down to the core
My sails were aloft but never brought to shore

With grief & remorse I commence a tale untold
As the inclement storms will only manically unfold

A leader of veterans I forged through barriers
As a messiah amongst a legion of warriors

Surging, yet again, against the will of my men
I braved the storm at near full strength

Imbued with pride, instilled with an obsession
My zeal for glory vindicated all transgression

The battle that pursued was but a prelude to disaster
An adversary, not even the greatest could master

So it finally happened, and it mattered no more
The enemy neutralized, the balance restored

All that remained was a carnival of death
Struggling to be complete to its very last breath

None, then, was spared save the lonesome I
Oh! What a pity the killer wouldn’t die

My struggle it appeared would be a mournful drudgery
As I would merely be living my share of the misery

The melancholic waves, underlining their worth
Preserved a fair distance between misery and mirth

Having abandoned, so cruelly, my treasury of successes
I dwell in the dungeons of self-imposed recesses