Is she still here?

Written by: Raymond Martineau

soul returning...
body yearning,
for a life now gone.
wandering restless,
leaves me breathless,
you haunt me with your song.
I sense you...feel you around wife,
unmistakable suffering thickens the air.
So sad, sickness took your life...
you left me lonely here.
...I'm not I?
I feel your presence near...
somewhat thrilling,
I am willing to overcome my fear.
So please my love...come to me,
show me this is real.
I want to know that I'm not crazy,
and that it's you I feel.
.....NOTHING....don't tease me....
I KNOW I'm not alone,
I hear your voice when someone calls...
in the speaker of my phone.
I see you in my reflection...
and when people pass me by.
I know I feel your arms around me,
when I sit alone and cry.
I feel I should have cared for you better,
but you know I did my best.
There was only so much I could do...
but cancer did the rest.
Maybe I am alone...
and I just want you here.
That I do so damn much...
I just expect you to appear....

........I've been here all along......