Written by: stacey trolan

people will always try their best to bring you down when you want to achieve, its just their 
own insecurities so don't listen and do what you believe.
work hard, keep at it and set yourself a goal, cos you don't want to be left with nothing living 
on the dole.
There will be times that you will feel like packing it all in, times that you've just about had 
but you have to break through that psychological barrier even when the work gets tough.
keep believing in yourself and know theres nothing you can't do.
having this sort of attitude will always get you through.
There will still be those small minded people who would do anything to see you fail.
but rise above it, laugh and tell yourself that these people aren't real.
At the end of it all when you have achieved everything you can where will these people be?,
Just a blast from your past and you are sitting qualified with a degree.