Standard Sound

Written by: Cesar Cantu

*This one's an oldie, way back before I started to voluntarily push myself into
schizophrenia (I have my reasons jojojo ) I hope you like it; I actually prefer my style
now, yet I still apreciate what I used to be (never forget how you used to look and talk,
those moments of being a dust particle in the haystack odyssey). Anyway, enjoy =)*

One night
Time lost my track
So I sat on my memories
Sang a lullaby for my voice
While it slept
I heard the world

Listen to the grass talking
With the sands of a desert
About the beauty of every star
That dares to wake up
And shine

Ancient tress that tell stories
For roses that are still young
The wind comes by 
To take the hand of those leaves
That are taking their last walk

All the rivers, lakes
And every breathing sea
Take a trip to the sky
Dressed in white
While praying for all those
Who are not able to find life

Our Sun is talking in dreams
About his love for the Moon
That turns reddish with every word
Still playing a symphony 
For those that are lost

My voice wakes up
And joins to the noise
They all marry on a cloud
After the rain, silence is back
Silence…universe’s standard sound