Written by: Emma Gregory

Touch my arm
With your ghostly hands,
Do me harm
Though leave me desperate,
My lips, desiccate,
And forever, I will wait.

Breathe out gently
Caress my sensual neck;
Do attend me,
And open wide my eyes, revel in my sighs;
But make me not despise.

Curve your lips,
Flash me wanton smiles.
My hand grips,
Though your hand’s not there,
Clutch at empty air;
Lips brush shoulders bare.

Whisper secrets
Make my own lips curve
No regrets
Do not think again,
Leave me to my pain;
Let my heart not wane.

I need thee
Know that I know you
Let me see
The eyes that burrow mine
You seem almost divine,
But know that I am thine.