Don't go

Written by: Jo Hayton

I can't cry Mum
There is a barrier
I am in in disbelief
You are not dead
You can't be
You are my Mum
You are here forever
You are the one 
Sitting on your chair
Asking me what is wrong
Holding me
Telling me what to do
Telling me to stop being silly
Telling me to calm down
Telling me everything will be ok
Telling me he loves me
Telling me you love me
Telling me everything will work out
Making sense of my worries
Making sense of my eratic tendancies
Making sense of my life
Making sense of me
Don't go Mum
I need you
I am your little girl
So scared
So afraid
I can't do anything without you
I need you
I need your heart
Your steady heart
That makes everything make sense
That kisses my head
Like when I was your little girl
I still am
I am crying now
Like your little girl
Your baby girl
Don't go Mum
Don't go