The gift of a horse

Written by: Matthew Brackley

Aquila and Moondust
Sat together in soft firelight

No words spoken

Everything had been said

Through their hearts

The love awoken


The moon rose high in the night sky

Moondust felt the movement of moons and stars

She saw Aquila

Here and high above

What she felt in her heart

She knew why

All of it….



Aquila took an arrow

Launched it to the sky

Feathers of gold and brown

Arced through

He tracked its’ course

Through stars and light

Where it fell

It drew forth a horse


A rustling of leaves

brought by a soft hoof fall

Through shadows and wind gust

In, strode a horse

For the precious Moondust 


Such a horse of soft eyes

came to Moondust

If you could see

in its’ face, so wise

The firelight of love

Of things, broken

Now , whole

What it meant

To her

To me

The completed soul


Moondust touched his face

Looked to Aquila

Never had an arrow flew

as true

Through stars and light

Silvery trails

To bring forth a horse


The horse quietly stood

beside Moondust

Together they felt


In a Heartstone wood

Flickering firelight

Of things once broken

Stars, bright

No words were spoken


The horse drew close

She whispered his name

known only to them

Such a horse of soft eyes

Took away her tears

of previous lost years

Made her strong again