Written by: Matthew Brackley

I grasped the staff
That the old man had given to me

If I had only looked

At the tattered cloak

More closely


I could have seen

The deep spun blue

The silver stars

That had faded

Under a million morning suns

and travels under canopies of green


I felt the wood grow

It knew the way

The way of everything

Of magic

Of nature

Everything to know


I held the staff

In the morning light

It was then that i saw

Upon the wood

That chance meetings are now understood

The deep spun blue wool and silver stars

Of his cloak and our coverings

That began the journey

That handed over to me

The journey

Upon the wood

The letters could be seen

“the love of all things”


I knew I would meet him again

When it was my turn

To hand over the staff

When I finished my journey

Of a million morning suns

Under canopies of richest green

With my Faerie Moondust Queen


The staff to guide me too

The Moondust

To love me

When wood….

Is not as it seems

This I learnt

Yet, the Moondust

With her wisdom

Always knew