Written by: Matthew Brackley

I spied an old man along the way

With a tattered cloak

He called to me

Where are you today?


I looked upon him

and smiled

I am with Moondust

Of soft glowings

Of days that grow dim

Of fires that glow

and of journeys to know


He offered  to me

Something precious to him

 A wooden staff

and said….

Those who go in love,

are always free


Such beautiful wood

Handsomely carved

I did not understand the gift

The writings upon it

Nor understood


What can I give?

He replied

You already did

In small important ways

Those who go in love,

are always free


I clasped his shoulder

and shook his hand

Looked into his eyes

We will meet again

In a far off land

A man  in his tattered cloak

Smiled gently ,

and said his goodbyes