im not made for one woman -males view-

Written by: myishia williams

she knew what she was getting 
herself into before she.....
began this relationship with me
i warned her more then once
that my heart had been so shattered
and i could never be....
a one womans man anymore
but she chose to love me anyways
now shes calling my phone
if im gone for too long
stopping by my home
to see if im really not at home
making herself cry....
because she wants me to care
but i dont.... i wont....
she jumps on my ship
thinking she can control it
and change its course
the more she turned....
the faster i pulled away
she must be crazy....
if she thinks she could ever be
my only girl.... or my wifey....
she knew the life im living
didnt include just one woman
she should of thought about....
the pain shed face and feel
before she entered this place called me