The God hole

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

The God hole within you and me is worth more
Than silver or gold, that can only be filled by God.
No instant gratification and fleeting pleasures of this
World, can sustain, fulfill, and satisfy us within.

Make no mistake the God of the universe designed us
That way, the same road that leads us astray will bring us back
Home again some day. No pit too deep, no road too wide, 
Make no excuses, so be it, you may run, but you cannot hide.

The God hole never decreases, can’t be stopped up with 
Angriness, bitterness, and strife, the God hole set apart
Only to be filled by God alone. As bee gives honey, and
The clouds open to rain, the God hole in every human being
 Can only be filled by the sovereign God who lives and reigns.