She Crawls Out

Written by: Sandra Hudson

She crawls out of her skin, folding it on bath water
                                           Noticing the ring of a former lover,
With cleanser she scrubs his territorial insignia,
                                           With Clorox, bleaches white again, the tubs virginity
Glances at re-hung gambling hand towels, dirty mans hand print
                                           Flung from the bar they go,
Rapid walking to the wash,
                                           Powder and sand and water flow, swish, swish, swish, to and fro
Up and down jollies on a ringer swill,
                                           Timing the buzzer, she pulls,
Wet load to the line for solar solitaire,
                                            Fling, fling upon the skinny wire,
Pin, pin the wooden men,
                                            Inside she scurry’s before the doorbell rings,
Glancing about the room for her under things,
                                            Stuffing them in cushion’s, out of sight of men
Evidence secured, a virgin’s plight, again, and again, she'd pretend 

Inspired by: Michele Nold-Godleske 
e e cummings contest