Written by: Stephen Tate

I see nothing.
Nothing in front of me, nor to the side of me.
Can it be behind me now?  
That thing, that buzzing that has always been,
Can it be that I have walked away from it?
Was it ever there?
It has been so long now,
So very long now.
Always that sound, that noise, that thing which is eternal,
Now gone!?
Have I lost it,
Or was it me that was found, or
Lost, or 
Simply gone…
Never one for questions seen, or for lovers lost 
That have never been.
For sounds and sights along the way,
Words that were spoken…
What did they say?
I don’t know, not now anyway.
But the buzzing that has gone away, 
That left me standing in the sway,
That held my hand beside the bay,
And simply whispered the word ’ok’
That which has gone away,
Has left me wishing…it would stay.