No words

Written by: Jan Thie

“God, or someone, had parted the sea, and who were we
to say we weren't going to walk through it?”
                                                                (Moniza Alvi)

I have no words for this:

The way we climbed this stack of stone -
how sun and shadow chased each other
and the old tar road that had carried us
from the city to your cottage and now here
lay far below us: Black and sluggish,
like the carelessly abandoned skin
of a long dead snake.

I have no words for this:

How silent it was – how sharply
we could see the few surrounding villages,
the meadows and the woods,
the soft and subtle rise and fall
of all the hills around us: And
how unimportant everything
beyond the distance of your touch.

I have no words for this, my love.