Ugly Is Beautiful

Written by: Wilfredo Derequito

The hideous wrinkles and folds 
unmistakingly reveal the damage
that the harsh years had wrought,
all the battles waged and fought, 
won and lost.

I look at her now sunken face, 
beaten and badly weathered,
and there is no mistaking 
a perfect beauty she was
not that many years ago. 

She smiles, a hint of a dimple
peeking through the loose skin, 
faint signs of high cheekbones
desperately wanting to be seen, 
strong jaws chiseled on a face
that must have been stunning
when she was younger. 

Alas, all her enviable perfections
the passage of the years wasted,
disfigured, marred beyond repair 
by the envious hands of time. 

While this ugly observer focuses 
on her now terribly faded image, 
with a smile I sigh without envy, 
listening to a voice whispering: 
the more beauty one possesses, 
the greater is the loss in the end. 

Time, the great equalizer! 
Ugly from birth and ugly till death, 
I can take it all with a hearty laugh 
as there is not much I will give up,
for the years cannot take away
what from the start I never had.

Ah, ugly is much more preferable
and perfectly beautiful after all.