Written by: Des Juan Richardson

It is so natural but is it really practical
My first conscious thoughts are of you
So appealing you are, your essence moves through me
Soothing me, grooving me, vertically -- on an emotional high
Disguised are my true feelings
Carefully eluding your beautiful yet perceptive eye
Why…To hide, to conceal and to protect my internal cries.
Each cleansing tear, washes away personal doubts and emotional fears
Inoculating me with strength and courage to surrender unconditionally
To the possibilities of happiness, trust, honor and loyalty
Understand these are not just fraudulent idle words
My soul compels me to acknowledge and reveal my most inner sanctum
Of emotions – unveiling all of my private thoughts and revelations
Accelerating your knowledge of my depth, my sincerity and my growing
Passions to embrace your passionate soul, eternal beauty, strength and love
My will is to unconditionally surrender my heart and mortality
Mortal limbo I dwell without you – a mere ghost in emotional reality
Realistically, you make me whole
Filling that emotional void and spiritual hole

Practically, I am drowning in your affectionate spirit
Naturally, you are part of my crucial structure – my missing rib!