Written by: Yoni Dvorkis

I've discovered why you hate them so:
You felt they delivered you a blow.
Not with sticks and stones; but words indeed
That you let obscure your friends in need
Who sing release when you let hatred go.

What have they done to warrant such disgraces
That you refuse to see their tearful faces.
Did they disobey your sacred rule?
When you offered love, did they act cruel?
Inflict on you a pain that's most invasive?

Now you shut them out of sight and mind.
Only wish that they respond in kind.
Now their gentle voices sound absurd.
Offer solace you do not deserve.
Offer you escape you failed to find.

Give yourself the break you've always earned.
Reason offers you a chance to learn:
You look on a world you felt betrayed
The darkest moral code a cynic craves...
I wait patiently, and voice concern.