Jewelry Trends

Written by: Virginia Muller

A pea-sized emerald                       
pierces the navel, and
like a Tiger's Eye marble,
catches the sun's rays
on a scantily clad body.

Petite gold rounds
line the ears' outer edge
like quarter moons 
cloistering a small face.

A superb gem 
roosts left side of 
a petite nose,
gleaming like
diamante on 
darkish velvet.                                              

A smile displays
teeth, and a pocket
sized silver orb 
rivets the center 
of a pink tongue,                     
like a pearl of                       
an oyster waiting                              
to be culled.

Luxe jewels
pierced into
delicate skin,
manifests today's 
fashion trends,
from distinct
domains of
centuries past.